Duterte to lead guests at BOC 115th anniversary

February 7, 2017- Duterte to lead guests at  BOC 115th anniversary

    President Rodrigo Duterte will be the guest of honor when the Bureau of Customs (BOC) marks its 115th Founding Anniversary tomorrow at its central office in Port Area, Manila.

    Duterte will be welcomed by Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon and other BOC officials at the Social Hall for the arrival honors and gallery walk through at 2 p.m

    Faeldon, who was named to the post by the President last July, will deliver the bureau’s accomplishment report that will highlight the upward trend in revenue collections especially during the last three months. 

    For January 2017 alone, Faeldon said the BOC posted a 101% revenue collection of P35.745 billion, surpassing its revenue target of P35.509 billion by P236 million for the period.

    The BOC’s Financial Services Unit (FSU) said that the January collection was 115% higher than the 2016 cash collection of P31.08 billion.

    Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez will join President Duterte in giving recognition to the best performing collection districts and their exemplary foreign counterparts during the awarding ceremonies..

    Faeldon said the BOC has scheduled a series of activities for the six-day affair, which began on,February 4, with the theme, “United Towards Transformational Change.”

    Among the activities lined up are a Shootfest at Villamor Air Base, a Parade of Slogans with ports personnel as participants, a Eucharistic Celebration, a symposium on services  provided bt Philhealth, Social Security System and the Government Service Insurance System, a  community outreach program Provident Fund Road Tour, public consultations,and Sosyalan at Gabi ng Parangal.

    Jublilarians and retirees who will receive awards from Faeldon include: For 20 years in service – Consuelo Villanueva, Jeanette Dadural, Rory Maravilla, and Sadat Manick; 25 years in service  – Francis Vic Alindogan, Sergio Alvarado IV, Alexander Arada, Nancy Arsolacia, Meriam Avena, Leo Azarcon, Fernando Barcelona, Alex Bautista, Rosemarie Cachila, Angelito Chaves, Helen Embudo, Godwin Fabia,  Marcelo Gaviona, Ronnaldo Geluz, Mary Jean Guillergan, Ramon Hernandez, Belinda Lim, Angelito Lizano, Pangalian Macabato and Robert Millares.

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Director, CIIS and BOC Spokesperson
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Public Information & Assistance Division
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    THE Bureau of Customs (BOC) hit a 101% record in its January revenue collection, reaching P35.745 billion and surpassing its revenue target of P35.509 billion by P236 million for the period.

    In a preliminary report, the BOC’s Financial Services Unit (FSU) disclosed that the January collection is comparatively 115% higher than the cash collection of P31.08 billion in 2016.

    “The amount in revenue collection for January 2017 could hit an outstanding sum in the final financial and revenue collection reports that will be released by the National Treasury soon,”  the FSU said.

    Commissioner Nicanor  Faeldon said the BOC has regained the trust and confidence of stakeholders, thus, its collections continue to rise in line with the agency’s fiscal and administrative policies.

    “Our relentless consultations with all transacting publics, including that of BOC personnel, on continuous improvement of policy reforms and programs have built public trust that, in effect, created a conducive environment especially in transparent trade facilitation and in  the work performance of our employees,” he said.

    “From the beginning, we worked hard to accomplish our tasks, especially to improve revenue collections, stop corruption, and wipe out smuggling as inspired by our mandate and in compliance with the directives of President Duterte,”

    Faeldon credited the surplus in BOC’s revenue collection in January to the outstanding performances of its 11 major ports, namely San Fernando, Manila, Legaspi, Iloilo, Cebu, Tacloban, Cagayan de Oro, Zamboanga, Davao, Subic, and Limay, which  exceeded their respective  income targets.

    The Manila International Container Port (MICP), on the other hand, posted a promising performance of 99.1% and is seen to hit or surpass its P10.9 billion target once all collection records are consolidated in the final report by the National Treasury.

    “We remain highly-optimistic that  the MICP will bring on a 100% revenue collection performance and join the list as the 12th port that hit its revenue target for January 2017,” Faeldon added..

    Outstanding revenue collections have been reflected in BOC records twice in a row now : in December 2016 with 100.2% in revenue, and most recently, in January 2017.

Director, CIIS and BOC Spokesperson
Telephone: (02) 527-45-16

Cellular Number: 09185468500

Public Information & Assistance Division
Bureau of Customs
G/F OCOM Building, South Harbor (Port of Manila)
(Landline) +632 5278259
(Fax) +632 5271968
(Email) customs_piad@yahoo. com.ph

Performance Report: First 100 days of BOC under Commissioner Faeldon

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Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon assumed office on 30 June with the challenge of heading an office that is often identified as among the country’s most corrupt government agencies.


The leadership of Commissioner Faeldon did not fail, as it has delivered on its first 3 months a number of reforms that has improved services in the Bureau.


Here’s what the current Bureau administration has already accomplished in its first 100 days:


Anti-smuggling campaign


Between July and September 2016, around P60.96 million worth of various kinds of illegal drugs have been seized in different ports in the country. Illegal drugs that were apprehended include marijuana, cocaine, shabu, and ecstacy — all of which were already turned over to the PDEA.


The Bureau has also uncovered on August the smuggling of firearms through a balikbayan box. These firearms were later on found to be used for the alleged assassination of President Rodrigo Duterte.


Also apprehended in various ports were smuggled vehicles, fabrics, gadgets, and agricultural items like rice, onions and sugar.  The Manila International Container Port (MICP) alone seized several shipments that were found to have violated applicable customs laws.  The shipments were valued at P4,685.920.00 in total.


Commissioner Faeldon has highlighted in press conferences his vow to stop the entry of illegal goods and commodities in the country – particularly dangerous drugs – under his leadership.


Anti-corruption campaign


As he began his term, Commissioner Faeldon made clear his warning to corrupt Bureau officials and employees, and emphasized the need to reform the Bureau from within.


To date, around 18 cases involving employees of the Bureau have been investigated, with 14 cases already forwarded to the DOJ. Also, the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service has acted upon 22 complaints filed by stakeholders.


For full transparency, the administration of Commissioner Faeldon went full blast in the installation of CCTV cameras in the Bureau’s offices — a promise he made during the Malacañang press conference on August. Currently, there are 158 operational CCTV cameras installed in and around the Port of Manila and OCOM building — including Commissioner Faeldon’s own office. Livestreaming was also made available online to make camera feeds accessible to the public.


Commissioner Faeldon continuously appeals to the stakeholders and the public to cooperate with the Bureau by reporting all corrupt activities. “Do not isolate us. Instead, approach us, give us the opportunity to do our job,” he said.


Trade facilitation


For the implementation of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA) — which was signed into law during the Aquino administration — a series of weekly public consultations took off on September for the drafting of its Implementing Rules and Regulations. The public consultations gathered stakeholders to discuss the draft Customs Administrative Orders (CAOs) for select topics under the CMTA.


Before the 100th day of Commissioner Faeldon in office, one CAO (CAO No. 02-2016, Imported Goods with De Minimis Value Not Subject to Duties and Taxes) has been approved.


The Bureau also organized on September a forum on streamlining permits for efficient trade facilitation (attended by trade-related government agencies) and kicked off its series of seminars on basic Customs procedures, rules and regulations (for brokers, importers, and other stakeholders) on the same month. It also hosted on September international events like the 2016 World Customs Organization (WCO) – Partnership in Customs Academic Research and Development (PICARD) Conference, and the First Train-the-Trainers Workshop on the Implementation ASEAN Harmonized Tariff Nomenclature (AHTN) 2017.


To enhance the performance of the Bureau, special offices/committees/departments were created such as the Committee on Revenue Enhancement (to address revenue collection shortage in the past), the Command Center (to centralize issuance of shipment alert orders), and the Special Studies and Project Development Committee.


Revenue collection


Around P1.4 million worth of additional duties and taxes have been collected from August to September from shipments in Port of Manila (POM) and MICP that were subjected to spot checking and found as undervalued.


In addition, MICP generated a total of P50,598,968 in revenues from public auction sales it conducted from July to August.


These supplemented the monthly revenue collection targets of the Bureau, which reached 85.9% and 95.2% for July and August, respectively. These figures are higher by 6% and 8%, respectively, compared to collections from the same month last year.


“We are digits higher than last year’s collection. 2014 and 2015 reports are same. Our plan is to improve the revenue collection of BOC,” he said.


Commissioner Faeldon stressed that the eradication of corruption will help the Bureau yield higher revenue collection.



About Nicanor Faeldon


Nicanor Escalano Faeldon is the 38th commissioner of the Bureau of Customs (BOC).  He assumed office on June 30, 2016 after he was appointed to the position by the newly-elected President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Born on July 29, 1965 in Batanes province, Faeldon dreamt of becoming a soldier when he was still young.  His parents, both educators, however, did not approve of it.  Instead, he took up a Political Science course at National University and graduated in 1989.

Determined to pursue his original ambition, he enrolled in military courses after graduating from college. He was called to active duty at the Philippine Marines in 1992.

While in the Marine Corps, Faeldon carved an enviable reputation by winning several awards: a Gold Cross Medal, 3 Military Merit Medals, 5 Military Commendation Medals, a Wounded Personnel Medal, and medals for a distinguished record in military campaigns in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

His simple dream to join the military service has grown into a passion to serve the country.

Faeldon is the brains behind Pilipino.org which is aimed at creating “a greater national consciousness to achieve nationhood”, and Kalayaan Atin Ito, which asserts the country’s sovereign rights over the West Philippine Sea.

He has also made the rounds of various schools to encourage students to join in fighting corruption in the government.

It is the same fight that he hopes to bring to the BOC, which is often regarded as one of the most corrupt agencies in the Philippine bureaucracy.

Today, Faeldon, along with his trusted men, is at the forefront in the drive to restore the people’s confidence in the BOC by instituting reforms to weed out corruption and improve the  delivery of services at the agency